Begin your journey of self-transformation through meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness in the Vipassana tradition

Posted By admin on January 17th, 2010

The way of the Buddha is to know yourself;
To know yourself is to forget yourself;
To forget yourself is to be awakened by all things. Dogen - Thirteenth Century Zen Monk


Programs & Schedule


Tuesday 2:00 to 3:30 PM Dharma Study Group - all are welcome. The current book under discussion is Stephen Batchelor’s new publication: After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age. Yale University Press. Participants agree to read before coming to study group so they are ready to raise questions and engage in discussion. May 3: page 251 + ~15 pages.Please bring your own tea mug.

Spring Practice Period, Friday, 2:30-5:00 P.M. Jean Admire will ring bells for alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. No instructions or dharma talk. An opportunity for anyone from any meditation tradition to practice in silence. You may stay for all or any part of the meditation period. Continues through mid-May.

    Entering or departing is silence is a gift to all. Schedule:
    2:30-2:35 welcome & perhaps a short reading.
    2:35- 3:10 sitting
    3:10-3:25 walking
    3:25-4:00 sitting
    4:00-4:15 walking
    4:15-4:55 sitting
    4:55-5:00 closing & perhaps a short reading.

Day of Practice, May 14, 2016, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. will be led by Meri Lehtinen. This day of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation is an opportunity for one to deepen or refresh practice. Meri may offer instructions and some dharma share. Tea will be provided; please bring a lunch that needs no refrigeration and your own tea mug. You may want a broad-brimmed hat for walking meditation outdoors.

Meditation in Nature on Sunday, August 2nd was a grand success. Six participants enjoyed deep silence and quiet walks to support their practice.

Wednesday Evenings -6:00 to 7:45 PM - Sit and Dharma Talk - all are welcome.

Beginner-intermediate meditation classes, non-residential retreats and special classes are offered at various times throughout the year.  For more information on non-residential retreats and special classes see our monthly newsletter or visit TaosMountainSangha.org.


Please see Scholarship Page on this website.

Dana - The Practice of Generosity

Taos Mountain Sangha is supported solely by dana.  Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning generosity.  Dating back to the time of the Buddha, there has existed interdependence between those who offer the teachings and those who receive them.  The teachings are given freely, since they are considered priceless.

Taos Mountain Sangha also offers opportunity for people to become Sustaining Members with a pledge of dana on a regular basis.  Inquiries may be made to Renze Nesbit, Treasurer of the Sangha.