Begin your journey of self-transformation through meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness in the Vipassana tradition

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The way of the Buddha is to know yourself;
To know yourself is to forget yourself;
To forget yourself is to be awakened by all things. Dogen - Thirteenth Century Zen Monk


Programs & Schedule


Tuesday 2:00 to 3:30 PM Dharma Study Group - on break for summer months

Day of Practice in Nature, August 14th, 2016, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. will be led by Teri and David Patton. Unlike past events that involve alternating periods of hiking/walking and sitting meditation, this day will be in the style of a Forest Bath [http://www.latimes.com/health/mentalhealth/la-he-forest-20150221-story.html] The day will of silence will include alternating periods of sitting and mindful movement. Participants will carpool to David and Terri Patton’s home in Black Lake, NM, to experience this practice in nature.

As with other outdoor days of practice, participants will need to register and sign a liability release form. These will be available at the sangha on/after Wednesday August 3rd. If you are unable to come to sangha, please contact Jean Admire at 505-901-9455 to arrange registration.

Plan to bring a packed lunch and water, sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat, and sturdy walking shoes. Plan to dress in layers to accommodate August weather. This day of practice will occur on the five acres of mostly flat (not smooth) wildland surrounding David and Teri’s home at about 8,000 feet elevation; you may not need to bring poles or wear heavy hiking boots. You may want to bring a folding “Crazy Creek” style chair for sitting in various spots throughout the property. David will lead the first walking period as an orientation to the land. Following that, participants will be invited to sit, walk, and move mindfully throughout the property in a “forest bathing” style. Teri will lead a mindful walking period at some point during the day. A bell that can be heard throughout the property will ring to announce changing periods.

Wednesday Evenings -6:00 to 7:45 PM - Sit and Dharma Talk - all are welcome.

Beginner-intermediate meditation classes, non-residential retreats and special classes are offered at various times throughout the year.  For more information on non-residential retreats and special classes see our monthly newsletter or visit TaosMountainSangha.org.


Please see Scholarship Page on this website.

Dana - The Practice of Generosity

Taos Mountain Sangha is supported solely by dana.  Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning generosity.  Dating back to the time of the Buddha, there has existed interdependence between those who offer the teachings and those who receive them.  The teachings are given freely, since they are considered priceless.

Taos Mountain Sangha also offers opportunity for people to become Sustaining Members with a pledge of dana on a regular basis.  Inquiries may be made to Renze Nesbit, Treasurer of the Sangha.