Begin your journey of self-transformation through meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness in the Vipassana tradition

Posted By admin on January 17th, 2010

The way of the Buddha is to know yourself; To know yourself is to forget yourself; To forget yourself is to be awakened by all things. Dogen – Thirteenth Century Zen Monk


About TMS

Taos Mountain Sangha promotes the teachings of the Buddha and the practice of insight meditation.  Insight meditation is also known as vipassana and means insight or clear seeing into the nature of reality. Considered as one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation, it is attributed to Gautama Buddha.  It is a way of self-transformation through meditation and mindfulness.

Due to the current gubernatorial directive and in response to Delta-Omicron variants, Taos Mountain Sangha will return to ZOOM-ONLY meetings for the time being. We will not meet for in-person sangha at TaoSatva,

beginning this Wednesday September 1.

TMS will continue to provide updates, and we appreciate your understanding as we respond to the changing pandemic environment with as much wisdom and prudence as possible.

Donations for the teachers and TMS are greatly appreciated. At these online events, we continue to depend on your generosity to sustain our teachers and the teachings. Please be as generous as your circumstances allow.You can offer dana to the sangha by sending a check to Taos Mountain Sangha at POBox 2854, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 or by donating online at Give Butter – Taos Mountain Sangha

Taos Mountain Sangha History

Taos Mountain Sangha was established in 1996 by Marcia Rose, a guiding teacher of vipassana meditation, together with a group of dedicated people.

Today, Taos Mountain Sangha is a lay sangha, with guest teachers and members who lead meditation sits and offer Dhamma talks. The Sangha shares programs and special events with other sanghas in the region and is open to all people who wish to share in the teachings of the Buddha.

Taos Mountain Sangha is currently online only — please check monthly program page for Zoom link to evening sits.